Reclaiming Trust bookclub


Reclaiming Trust bookclub

8-weekly meetings to build your levels of trust.

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Reclaiming Trust bookclub

Author of Reclaiming Trust, Jennipher McDonald has designed Reclaiming Trust bookclub as an experience in playful trust imaginings and power words.

I am making this bookclub available to anyone who would like to experience reading my book and having the pleasure of exploring the 13 questions about trust. I have embedded these questions on purpose into the book, so that the reader is lead to empower themselves in trust responses.

8 meetups on Zoom meeting Friday 3rd July 2020 – Friday 28th August 2020.10am – 11am: In the comfort of your own home.

These 8 meetings investment  of $96,  that’s $12 for each of the eight week sessions. Plus $9.97  for the book.

ReclaimingTrust book:


We will read and discuss the text for 45 minutes and in the last 10 -15 minutes  of each session Jennipher will guide you into a trust mindfulness wondering.

What is trust?

Trust is one of the cornerstones of relationships. Without rust relationships lack stability. Trust means that you think someone is reliable, you have confidence in them. You feel safe physically and emotionally when you are with them. Trust is something that you can build with another person over time. Once you have some you can build more together. So trusting is the form of knowledge. When you recognise that someone is trustworthy that is a good thing, it is an even better thing when you can recognise that someone is untrustworthy. To build those skills, I think that you need to be able to trust yourself. Reclaiming Trust is written with that goal in mind. Trusting yourself.

We are all spiritual beings connected to the same life force energy. From the moment we took our first breath and even before we were fully connected to trust. We are both the sculpture and the clay, the choreographer and at the same time the dance. The song and the universe.

Reclaiming Trust bookclub is combining the words and the meditations/transformations/hypnosis together to explore how you trust yourself. When you trust yourself and your place in the world you can connect with resources inside that help you to follow your intuitions more and more in ways that delight and please you.




Invest in yourself and build your levels of trust.

Limited spaces (12)

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The investment in this 8-week wonderful journey is $89.97 plus the investment in Reclaiming Trust book. Click here to find the book:


Jennipher McDonald Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and Theatre Facilitator works from the Coach & Chiropractor 3/386 South Street, O’Connor and you can call and book a session 0403 173 790

Or book an online session:


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