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Breath-work Relationships workshop

What is Breath-work (Rebirthing)?

Breathwork is learning how to breathe oxygen and energy. It’s a gentle, safe and supportive way to release toxins. As a result, you can learn from and release your past experience. It is a breathing technique that you can learn to use for yourself.

Your own breath is a means of healing and holds the power to deepen your ability to help you “Know Thyself”. Through your breath, you have the power to liberate your mind.




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Breathwork Day

Sunday 16th May 2021

Perth Waldorf School

14 Gwilliam Road, Bibra Lake

10am – 4.30pm

Make a booking: 0403 173 790


Breathwork Day

We can all improve our breathing. Consciously connecting your breathing is a  spiritual practice. Breathing in this way transforms the subconscious impression of birth into a gentle awakening event! Subsequently, in each session, past pain, judgements and resistance are dissolved. Importantly, breath-work or rebirthing is a safe and gentle breathing process.

Breathwork can transform your relationships. There have always been perfect, truthful, deeply satisfying relationships in the world, you hear about them all of the time. If this is not the case for you –  breathwork is helpful and brings clarity and heart-opening.

Breathwork clears your lungs and improves breathing in general.  Additionally, new thoughts and beliefs produce desired changes in your life.  In other words, negative thoughts are replaced by positive thoughts.  You are creating your reality. In addition, you are creating your relationships with your thoughts and beliefs.

My first Breathwork training:

My first training in Rebirthing was in 1989 in Melbourne. Wow, was that amazing. Ultimately, breath was my connection to myself.  Firstly, I found great comfort in using my breath to bring about health, awareness and inspiration. Secondly, I realised that this connected breathing in this connected improved my health.  And thirdly, my psychic awareness or intuition and my wealth. As a result, over the next six years I rebirth myself and practice the work every day. I have been sharing this wonderful work with my clients over the past 30 years. I have trained with both founders of Rebirthing: Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.

Sondra Ray uses breathwork to explore loving relationships. You too can improve your relationships by coming along to this Breathwork relationships workshop.

Breathwork clears:

Parental disapproval syndrome

Jealousy and other negative emotions

Birth trauma and negative life beliefs

Specific negative experiences

Unconscious Death urge

Other Lifetimes

Jennipher McDonald has been breathing and teaching Rebirthing or Breath-work for over 30 years.


Perth Waldorf School

14 Gwilliam Drive

Bibra Lake WA

http://WR59+43 Bibra Lake, Western Australia


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