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Transforming Communication

Transforming Communication is a 24 hour seminar that enables you to build co-operative team and client relationships, transforming participants’ fundamental approach so they: build rapport with other quickly to gain their co-operation and trust. Transforming Communication is a series of seminars designed to deliver powerful skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming and related fields to your family, your team and your work situation. This seminar is designed to deliver powerful skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming and related fields to your team and your work situation.

In eight short sessions, participants learn and practise precision skills for building relationships that work, and resolving conflicts so that everyone wins; leading edge skills delivered with heart.

The vision of Transforming Communication is of a world-wide training in the use of leading edge skills to create co-operative relationships.

The Transforming Communication Seminar is available in six separate packages designed for use with:

  • Business organisations and work teams
  • Teachers in schools and tertiary institutions
  • Health professionals and helpers
  • Youth groups
  • Parents and families
  • General groups
  • Increase others’ ability to resolve their own difficulties and meet their own outcomes.
  • Get others to respect your needs and co-operate with you.
  • Resolve discipline and conflict problems in organisation or with clients or family members, without resorting to threats or punishments.
  • Create and action solutions that truly meet your own outcomes as well as others’.Influence other successfully while keeping rapport.

Transforming Communications was developed by Certified NLP Trainer Dr Richard Bolstad, the director of Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd.

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