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Hi Jenn, The Breathwork was a real break through for me. I came as you saw feeling very anxious and distressed and left feeling very open to sharing love and imbued with my higher frequency of feminine alignment. And after the session my eyes looked bigger and i felt so transformed, I went there and shared a beautiful evening with the family feeling and gave and received so much loving energy that the whole problem completely dissolved. Thank you so much for the work you did with me, i really appreciate it. Kind regards to you

Rebecca, Your Content Goes Here

“The Transforming Communication course has been a very powerful and engaging course to participate in. I have experienced direct tangible improvements in my communication at home with my daughter in a very short space of time.”

Alex Akerman. July (2015), Your Content Goes Here

I started seeing Jennipher this year after hearing great things about Hypnotherapy. I have suffered from severe depression for the last 2 years and have seen 3 psychologists and did not gain the help or comfort I needed from them. I was at first a little unsure of how things would go with Hypnotherapy but thought I may as well give it a try as nothing else had worked and there’s no harm in giving it a go. I found psychologists never helped me as talking about the negatives constantly never gave me a positive outlook on moving forward instead we were constantly re living the past. Jennifer is like a breath of fresh air, I felt so comfortable with her at my very first session and she has helped me look at things very differently. The first thing I thought of when mum told me about Jennifer and what she does was “I hope she doesn’t make me dance like a chicken” I think TV and Movies have made Hypnotherapy into something it’s not. The way Jennipher explained Hypnotherapy to me is like a deep relaxed state where you open yourself up to your subconscious mind and from my experience it’s the truth. You find yourself thinking about things and knowing answers you didn’t even know were there and get to know yourself better as a person in order to make the most out of every situation. She has taught me techniques to get through times that make me anxious or uncomfortable and even to help me to excel in good situations. Since I started seeing Jennipher I feel I have been my old self again and have been able to let go of past experiences or feelings that I’m still hanging onto in order to get on with my life in a positive and healthy way. I definitely think hypnosis is worth trying as giving yourself the tools and time to deal with the past is the only way to move ahead which is exactly what I have been working on since seeing Jennipher.

Hannah, June 2015, Your Content Goes Here

“I enjoyed the whole learning experience. The NLP course taught me to be more confident in myself, identify ownership of problems and follow my dreams rather than trying to please everybody else all the time. The reflective listening taught me that I don’t have to solve everybody’s problems, that they have the answer inside them and when you really just listen. Thank you Jennipher!”

Julie McMillan. July (2015), Your Content Goes Here

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