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Hypnosis has been in used for hundreds of years as a way of helping human behavior. The earliest documented uses of hypnotherapy were before 2000 B.C. The ancient Egyptians treated people in their dream temples.

The word ‘hypnosis’ was first coined in the 1840’s from ‘Hypnos,’ the Greek God of sleep, by James Braid, a Scottish Surgeon. Later, Sigmund Freud studied and used hypnosis for over 20 years, he sought out the best hypnotist’s in the world. Freud worked with Charcot in Paris where he translated Charcot’s work. Freud named his son after Charcot. It is interesting to note that Freud eventually chose Psycho-analysis where the client talks about their problems and the therapist mostly listens over hypnotherapy where the hypnotist does the talking and very interesting to note that Freud made that decision around the same time that he required ongoing surgery to his palate and needed to wear a prothesis in his mouth.

Modern study of Hypnosis followed from 1933 when Clark Hull wrote ‘Hypnosis and Suggestibility.’ It was Hull who determined that Hypnosis was not like sleep, but very powerful and very different. In 1957, Dr Milton Erickson and others created the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). Erickson worked for many years and obtained outstanding results with his clients using hypnosis.

The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association was founded in 1949, and incorporated in 1956, currently over 100 members in Western Australia. Perth Hypnotherapist Jennipher McDonald has been a Clinical Member of Australian Hypnotherapists Association for the past eight years.

Recent studies in the field of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself with mindfulness (studies performed with long-time meditators) have shown, brain changes occur in response to meditation over time and allow the mind and body to heal and revitalise itself. Other studies have demonstrated that our thoughts will cause physical changes in the brain and we now know that ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’.

We create with our thoughts.

Hypnosis is the manual for the human brain. Hypnosis is the ultimate way to be mindful. We give suggestions to our minds, we tell the subconscious mind so that the physical brain reacts accordingly. With hypnosis and positive suggestions, the power of our minds influences healing changes to behaviours, and enhancement of body, mind and spirit.

Hypnosis feels good. Calming the mind, quietening the senses and connecting into your inner resources feels wonderful and revitalises the entire body. Hypnosis is safe, enjoyable and easy to learn. Hypnotherapy allows you make positive changes, inspires new ideas and allows the release of old ideas, beliefs and attitudes that may be creating dis-EASE and holding you back.

Human beings learn quickly. Human beings can unlearn a pattern just as quickly. Some of the behaviours we learn are great patterns that will serve us well and other learnings can be bad habits that we would rather change. Change happens easily when you learn to relax and allow the imagination to make the changes for you.

The flow on effect of Hypnosis sessions is feeling better about yourself and open to new ideas. Perth Clinical Hypnotherapist Jennipher McDonald specialises in Hypotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming to assist you to gain control over unwanted issues, and to feel resourceful in your life. You can design your mind and design your life using these techniques. You can align your conscious mind with your unconscious resources and remove past decisions to create futures that inspire you and bring you satisfaction.

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