What is Breath work (Rebirthing)?

Breath work is learning how to breath oxygen and energy. It’s a gentle, safe and supportive way to release toxins and learn from and release your past experience. It is a breathing technique that you can learn to use for yourself. Your own breath is a means of healing and holds the power to deepen your ability to help you “Know Thyself”. Through your breath you have the power to liberate your mind from the family patterns, anger and the specific negative thoughts in your mind that you inherited that are subconsciously running your life.

You can clear:

  1. The birth trauma
  2. The parental disapproval syndrome.
  3. Specific negatives.
  4. The unconscious death urge.
  5. Other lifetimes.

Upcoming Breathwork Day & Relationship workshop

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd May 2020
Samson Recreation Centre, Samson WA 6163

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Jennipher McDonald trained in Breathwork in 1989 and has incorporated this wonderful practice into her life ever since. Jennipher has trained with both the founder Leonard Orr and co-founder Sondra Ray, who relates birth and the whole womb experience to loving relationships. She says, whatever happened to you in your birth experience will re-create itself in your relationships until you heal it…

Sondra has done as much to advance the powerful healing potential of circular connected breathing than any other author and teacher since Rebirthing’s inception. She has now placed her practice of Rebirthing under the guidance of the Divine Mother in the form of Liberation Breathing®. This new expression of the Breathing process of Rebirthing introduces prayers to the Divine Mother into the session, and is nine times more powerful than the original process according to the Divine Mother herself. Jennipher is looking forward to sharing this wonderful, gentle, transformative practice with you. For more information and to book your place please call 0403173790

Since my very first Rebirthing session I have known that Rebirthing is Sacred. .. In my life I was creating drama and accidents. In the beginning it was intense. It took me many sessions to breathe out the fear. I know that Breathing in this way with the support of a Rebirther saved my life. I’ve always known that it was the best practice to connect to my highest self and heal my body. That is how I’ve always felt about it, right from the beginning.

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Jennipher became interested in Natural Therapies when her two- year old son developed a cancer in his ears. Many operations removed the growth but did not stop it from coming back. She introduced her son Jaie, to Rebirthing, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Reiki and he used these tools to heal himself. He is now a healthy happy adult and self-taught musician.

Jennipher trained as a Rebirther in 1989. She has trained with both founders of Rebirthing. Leonard Orr in 1991 and ongoing with Sondra Ray and Mark Sullivan and Liberation Breathing for the past four years.

JENNIPHER MCDONALD B.A(Hons) – Jennipher is a Master NLP Practitioner and Instructor (IANLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapist (AHA).

Australian Certified Rebirther, Author, Creativity Specialist,

She is Author of ‘Reclaiming Trust’ (2014) and Playwright.

0403 173 790